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Sauvie Island

Sauvie Island is just a short dash down Route 30 from downtown Portland, but you'll never know the city is a just a quick bus ride away. Here are just some of the things you find on Oregon's largest island:

12,000 acres of wildlife sanctuary. There are beaten paths to follow or you can explore. How lost could you get? It's an island!

Legal nude beaches. And if you want to keep your clothes on, legal non-nude beaches.

Family farms - including some U-pick farms.

Blackberries in August and September - lots of places you can pick for free.

Swimming, boating, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing. The Columbia River flows past the island's northern edge.

To get there, head west on Route 30, the road to St. Helens and Astoria. After passing the St. John's bridge you'll pass an Arco. Gas up here if you need it - there's no gas on the island. Watch for a large green and white "Sauvie Island" highway sign. Turn right at the bridge and cross slowly (20 mph!). You'll need a parking pass, so stop at the general store right after the bridge. A day pass is $3.50 but if you go a lot get the annual pass for $11.

For beaches and the wildlife refuge, turn left as you leave the general store and follow Reeder Road. Beaches are about 12 miles and wildlife refuge pulloffs (marked by signs) are all along the way.

There are two good hikes on the island, Warrior Rock Lighthouse and Oak Island.

For Warrior Rock, drive to the very end of Reeder Road until it becomes a dirt and gravel road. Continue on past beach parking until the road ends in a large parking area. The trail starts from here. You'll need to cross a fenced field (watch out for cow pies) then follow a wooded path 3.5 miles to the end of the island. The trail parallels the beach and the Columbia River.

Elev. Gain: Flat!

Where: North of Portland

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Warrior Rock Lighthouse. Not the prettiest lighthouse, but the beach here is lovely and fairly private.

The view from the lighthouse looking north along the Columbia.

Looking across the river towards Washington State.

Follow the beach back from the lighthouse and you'll find this old wreck. Play pirate!